We need to learn to discern our circumstances.

Sometimes we face trials because the enemy is attempting to wreak havoc in our lives. Sometimes we face trials because we make poor decisions. Other times we face trials because God is trying to get to our heart, and is trying to train us so we can step into our promised land. When God is doing this, we can often spend time trying to put out fires in our circumstances, when really those fires are what God is using to refine our heart.

In these times, the trick is not to get the fire out of our external circumstances, it is to let the fire in to bring change to our internal culture.

 -L. R. Niebergall

Get Ready


I believe Canada being healed, renewed and reformed is burning in God’s heart. God is raising up pioneers to plough new roads in the nation. He is also raising up builders in this time and season who will work towards establishing His blueprint and strategy throughout Canada.

Get ready pioneers and builders.

-L. R. Niebergall

Seven Keys to Longevity


Last night at Royal Identity School of Ministry, I taught a message called “Seven Keys to Longevity.” I am blown away by the feedback I have been receiving. It is very encouraging to hear that so many people want to make healthy choices now, so they can last for the long hall! These were the 7 keys I taught on:

1. Committing to being healed in the soul.

2. Choosing our friends with wisdom, by Holy Spirit’s leading.

3. Remaining teachable and humble.

4. Having our priorities in order. (1st – Friendship with God. 2nd – Family/relationships. 3rd – Ministry/career.)

5. Renewing our mind in what God says, rather than in the criticisms and accusations of others.

6. Choosing to be accountable.

7. Prioritizing rest.